D.F.G. Reptiles 


       Here at dfg Reptiles, we have been breeding quality pet reptiles and insects for 11 years.  Our animals are distributed throughout our house and all animals receive lots of attention.  The climate in Humboldt County, CA is a little cold for normal enclosures so we set up a room for the animals where all the cages help to keep the room at the desired temperature.   All the animals that we work with are based on my personal interest.  

       For the next 6 months,  I will be in Australia as part of a foreign exchange program through my university.   I will be living in Townsville, Australia.  Back in the USA, there are a group of friends that will caring for my animals.   Not much will be for sale during this time.   For my updates from Australia, please visit the new link:    AUSTRALIA

                    Thanks and Enjoy this site.   

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Eric Russell - Owner / Reptile Breeder / Herpetology Addict.