CAIRNS (Week 1:  July 10th - July 15th)

I arrived in cairns for an orientation program from the company that is handling my study abroad paperwork.   I met up with 7 other people that had used AEC (Australian Education Connection) to go to Australia and we all had activities to do each day.  I arrived late on the 10th and just slept so there is nothing to report for that day.

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***  THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION  - Larger pictures will be available soon.  ***

Day 1:  Tjapukai - Aboriginal Cultural Park

There are meant to be pictures right here but for some reason...  the thumb nails will not load.  I am working on this.  If you click on the blue line below it will take you to a picture of an Aboriginal guy playing the didgeridoo.  

Day 2:  Great Barrier Reef - Scuba Dive and Snorkel   **Pictures will be developed soon- used waterproof disposable camera**

Day 3:   Rain Forest and Water Falls

Day 4:   River Rafting  **Pictures will be developed soon - used waterproof disposable camera**

Day 5:   NO pictures....  The train to Townsville.